Continuing Construction


Our heroes plod on!

After two weeks of carton collecting, followed by a day or so of carton filling and freezing, we had constructed the first two rings of the igloo (see previous post). With the busy holiday schedule (fewer people in coffee shops, etc.) it took us about 10 days to get enough cartons for the 3rd ring… pretty though it was (see below), this was not going to cut it.


Several people (most notably, all-around awesome human being, and best bud to Matt and I, Erin Gillam) had suggested contacting a local carton producing business, and ask if we couldn’t get cartons straight for the cow’s teat as it were… (get it? milk cartons?…) Anywho, Matt called the place and just said, “Hey can I get a few empty milk cartons.” They seemed fine with it. “How many you need?” they asked. “Oh, 1,000 oughta do it!”

That’s right. We got 1,000 milk cartons straight from Cass-Clay here in Fargo, for $.13 a piece. For you non-math types, that’s about $130. For impeccable, prestine, empty milk cartons. Cartons with their tops sealed mind you, just sans milk.

This is what 500 of them look like on Matt’s front porch.

What do you think about that Matt?


Yup. Me too, buddy. Me too!

Around this same time, we were realizing our method of filling cartons inside at the kitchen sink and then hauling them, full of colored water, out the side door and into the snow banks was a bit sloppy and inefficient. (Not to mention that we dumped an entire carton’s worth at one point… whoops.) What to do…

Well, if you know Matt Brunsvold, you simply do exactly what Matt Brunsvold would do… You install a new faucet in the basement sink, and then run a hose from the basement outside.


^^ Installing the new faucet.


Sorry about the blurriness… You try taking pictures of your friend filling milk cartons with a hose from his basement to build the world’s most amazing multi-colored igloo in the history of the planet when it’s -20 deg F outside!

The end result is 100 cartons of colored awesomeness ready for rings #4 and 5!!

Until next time!!


One thought on “Continuing Construction

  1. Erin Gillam

    Looking great! Wish I could be of more help – being 7 months pregnant is hindering my ability to do things like bend over effectively, which is problematic for igloo construction. I’ll continue to bring sandwiches, though, and cheer you guys on! – Erin

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